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Is your son or daughter struggling in school?



 Great Minds Tutoring Services of Long Beach, CA can help your child or children succeed in math class thanks to our math tutoring services.

There is no reason for you or your child to feel bad about reaching out for help. A lot of students are struggling and even falling behind these days in math classes. With the demands on teachers, many aren't available to give extra help to a child falling behind. This has been going on for some time, but even more so lately, thanks in part to more testing and less time for teachers to actually teach. Our math tutoring services can help a struggling student catch up and then excel in their math skills and comprehension. We don't need to "teach to test" at Great Minds Tutoring Services. We can teach to your child's level and specific, individual needs.
We don't just offer math tutoring at Great Minds Tutoring Services.


Students gearing up for their SATs can also benefit from our SAT prep services. Generally, students take the SAT in their junior or senior year. That means that by the time they are in the 10th grade, they may be starting to work toward SAT prep. Excellent SAT scores are very important when students are applying to the college or colleges of their choice. The time to prepare for the future is now.
So if your child needs help with math, or is looking toward the future and getting prepared to take the SAT, Great Minds Tutoring Services of Long Beach, California can be a wonderful asset to them. Contact us today to find out what services might be a good match for your child's needs and goal

math tutoring service
math tutoring service
Struggling in math?
math tutoring service
math tutoring service
math tutoring service
Math Tutoring Service

We at Great Minds Academic Tutoring believe that the only way 'no child is left behind' only if every child masters the concepts presented at each academic level. Students need to learn the topics of algebra1 as a foundation for Geometry lessons. A mastery Geometry is a pre-requisite for excelling in Algebra 2. SAT test for College entrance requires a good understanding of algebra and geometry. We are to help you give your child the tools to succeed



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