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Do students need private tutoring to be competitive?

Before I answer this question, let me ask you a question first. Do you know a high school graduate, or college student, who can not multiply or add without a calculator, who does not know how percentages work, or who can not spell basic words? I have been an educator for many years, and it has always bothered me when I see a significant amount of students in each class struggle with every material being taught, because I know how it may affect their future. Parents yell at them, and their teachers do the best they can and move on. These students get a last minute review that allows them to score just high enough to move to the next grade, without really learning anything. A lot of subjects build on previously taught material, therefore if you did not learn the previous material, you will probably not understand the new material. When this starts in first grade, by these time students get into high school, they are ready to quit.

Now, consider my question to you about the student who can not multiply or solve percentages or spell basic words. If your answer is yes, lets explore how tutoring might have helped. A hypothetical student named Tim, who could not multiply is tutored on timestable. He can now multiply, and is excited to return to school to learn more. When percentages came up, he struggled at first but about a couple of sessions, he now understands. Because of these what he learned, he now has the tools he needs when topics about discounts, tips and simple interest are taught in the classroom

Education is becoming the only way forward. You need the right degree, license or certificate in our current world, but students, like everybody else, like to do what they are good at. Failing every class gradually reduces student's self esteem, and causes them to resent education.

Do students need private tutoring to be competitive? I say yes, unless the student is a genius.

Lola Agbetunsin

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