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Geometry tips

Geometry: Pythagorean triples (memorize for success) This is for 7th graders, 8th graders and geometry students, and SAT test takers Pythagorean triples are integer side lengths of a right triangle. The biggest number is the hypotenuse, and the two smaller numbers are the legs 3,4,5 5,12,13 8,15 17 7, 24, 25 and there multiples like 6,8,10 10,24,26 Example 1: If the two legs of a right angle triangle are 3cm and 4cm, what is the value of the hypotenuse? Answer is 5cm Example 2 if the diagonal of a rectangle is 25in, and the length of the rectangle is 24in, what is the width of the rectangle? Hint: a diagonal cuts a rectangle into two equal right triangles whose hypotenuse is the diagonal. sketch the rectangle Answer is 7in

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